Managing Potential and Success

The coaching branch of NSM. FRSTeam was created to continue the work of Jarkko Nieminen Tennis Academy in an even more professional and individualised setting. FRSTeam has years of successful experience in developing juniors and professional players and its objective is to create a secure pathway to the top of professional tennis for the players in the team.


A leading sport management organisation in Northern Europe active in event and athlete management with years of experience in securing a 360° service to successfully manage and develop world class athletes and events.

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Develop potential into Success

NSM and FRSTeam support the will power and ambitions of athletes, dedicated to their sport by giving them the opportunities to excel in their field. With a comprehensive 360° service spanning from professional coaching to management, from travel consultancy to connections around the world we want to provide the best platform for our clients to develop to their maximum potential.


Photo: Jesse Väänänen